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Evanston, Wyoming




I'm going on a trip. Herb and I are both adults. They danced awkwardly together. I should've been asked first. I don't like waiting for Gerald. Nobody looks very convinced. She dreamed a happy dream last night.

I think your skirt's too short.

There's a fan on the desk. I'm not angry! Can you come closer? Pantelis has decided to major in music. The day will soon come when man can travel to Mars. They are all wearing uniforms.

The Sun is very far from the Earth. Did Leila really think I didn't know?

The came with kit and caboodle. I'd like to climb Mt. Fuji once again.

Dewey forgot to put a stamp on the envelope. Terrance had nothing else to say. Lorenzo liked to write stories. Was there a note? That was a very sad story. "If you're not happy with your purchase, you can return it at any time." "Could I get that in writing?" What do we do first?

Finish playing and then we'll study. I'd like to live in Australia. I like what you've done with this place. Mick just want to be different. He tried to open the box in vain. This building changed hands several times. She hovers over that child like hen with one chicken.

Vishal waited an hour in the hallway outside Ed's apartment. My office is located downtown. I assume that won't happen. Do you believe what he said? Louise is awfully good at that sort of thing. A side effect of the eye surgery is dry eyes. I'm in no mood for your foolishness, Rodney.

I bought a new cutting board. You don't know when Michiel will come, do you?

It isn't much further.

Why do you think I'm thinking about you?

Ssi used a bug net to collect bugs. It refuses to die. Don't speak French to me. Willingness to take responsibility is a sign of maturity. He didn't agree with us about the matter. Myron prefers not to talk about that. Don't throw anything onto the floor. Why would you want talk to Kris about that? Gerard and Shahid spent a week relaxing on a houseboat.

She has invited you all. Don't talk to Catherine about this. I could do this for a while. My grandfather breathed his last on that night. Roland couldn't find Antonio even though he said he looked just about everywhere. We may still get lucky. Is Ric home yet? It's just what happens. I'm not so sure that I like Joe as much as the first time I saw her. Use them wisely.

Olivier wondered why Adrian didn't tell him about it. My daughter wants a piano.

Pierre fell and broke his arm. He woke Torsten. School's out for summer.